Multi-Purpose Silicone Bracelets

For the people out there today, we would assume that most had seen some silicone bracelets. It’s a thick rubber-like band encircling the wrist of the wearer, and depending on what purpose or what you simply prefer, the sizes can vary. They were made popular in the early 2000’s by a famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong as a tool for fundraising of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Now, don’t confuse silicone and rubber bracelets. To differentiate the two, rubber bracelets are made up of latex; the viscous liquid that we can extract from a bark of a tree; in other words, made up of sap.

Some people are allergic to latex that is why we need to be conscious of what we choose between them. On the other hand, Silicone or Si, as it is chemically referred to, is a polymer, which is commonly used in manufacturing household products. Unlike rubber or latex, it is heat resistant without any harsh chemicals.

Silicone Bracelets

Numerous well known personalities have worn our silicone wristbands, like presidential candidates, athletes and celebrities.

Our silicone bracelets became in demand because these are cheap, easy to produce and long lasting, and provide you with an option to customize them to whatever you like or need. Below are some of the common uses of our bracelets.

Awareness Wristband.

A lot of charity or nonprofit organizations use our silicone bracelets as a way to show support on certain causes. Some of the examples are pink – for breast cancer awareness, red – for aids awareness, and green – if it is for environmental purpose. Another alternative is to use our wristband to let other people know if a certain loved one have diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, allergies or other medical cases. We have a lot of color selections that you can choose from, or if you want to be more creative, you can request a color, which best suits your purpose. This can serve as your silent reminder that you support such cause.

Identification tags

If you are planning an upcoming event at a public venue, you can go ahead and use our silicone wristband to fashionably identify your guests. Campsites can also use these to identify their campers. Athletes use these to determine which team or state they are representing. Our custom silicone wristbands also serve as their souvenirs after the gathering.

Business Advertisement Tool

There are several business firms that we provide silicone bracelets to. These firms use our items as their marketing tool. They use these as forms of advertisement, which is important in the world of corporations. They can either put their logo, label, or both onto the bands including their information on how the customers can contact the business. This is quite effective because most individuals assume that the fact that there are people who are proud of wearing that band is because that company is outstanding. Added bonus is that a lot of them will be wearing a company’s wristband because it’s unique and appealing, which tickles the curiosity, thus, more chance of gaining new customers.

Trendy Accessory

Silicone bracelets in nature are colorful, durable and comfortable to wear. That is why it caught the interest of any age group especially the teenagers. Particular to the capability that you can customize the bracelet any way you like is very appealing. We can put your names on it, or even your favorite quote, or the name of your group. Match it with your favorite color and you have all the world to see what you want to express. There are numerous possible designs that we can generate for you that are guaranteed to suit your interest.

Party Prizes

Tired of handing out common mementos or prizes such as coin purse, mini album, mug, toys and sometimes mini cupcakes? Well, you can try giving away our bracelets for your guests on special occasions.

As you can see, there are countless viable options where you can use our bracelets. And here, we will gladly accommodate any concerns. We guarantee the quality of our product and services.

Our silicone bracelets became in demand because these are cheap, easy to produce and long lasting, and provide you with an option to customize them to whatever you like or need. to help you with anything at all.

Anything You Need To Know About Lanyards

Lanyards are highly popular these days, but what are they made of anyway? This product is a piece of cloth material that is usually worn around a person’s neck. It is best for holding objects that need to be kept close especially if both hands are already in use. This product is usually made up of two loops, one small loop and a bigger one. The bigger loop is what usually goes overhead in order to fit into someone’s neck while the smaller loop is what holds the attachment needed to carry a particular object. Typical neck lanyards usually measure around 17 inches from the top to bottom loop. The attachment needed to carry an object is usually a snap hook or a bulldog clip. Some of the things usually attached to this product include identification cards, cell phones, small mp3 players, whistles, keys, USBs and even pens. Out of all of these, the most common object attached to lanyards would most be name tags and identification cards. Some of the most common institutions that make use of this product are schools, government agencies, and private companies.

LanyardsThere are two things to take note of when choosing what type of product to purchase, its material and hardware. Materials for this product usually range from around 1/8 inches to 1 inch wide polyester, cotton and nylon fabrics. Of the three fabrics enumerated beforehand, the most common material is polyester because of its affordability. But if one wishes to purchase a high quality material, the best option would be nylon fabrics. There are a variety of hardware for this product which includes bulldog clips, snap hook, J-Hooks, and the lobster claw. Lanyards traditionally involve a continuous material but recent concerns have dictated the inclusion of breakaway connectors that can be released or snapped off in the even that it gets caught into something.

The most basic type of this product is not imprinted and comes in a single color that is usually made of cotton or nylon. In the early 1990s, lanyards became more customizable and were imprinted with various designs and logos. There are many custom printed products that were popular for business and school cards as well as fundraisers and other big events. Back in the day, the logos were done simplistically that usually involved text messages of one color. Today, however, various imprinting methods are available for daily consumption. The most common specs for imprinting these days are made available to materials that are around 3/8 inches up to ¾ inches in width. From embroidery to printing, this product is now available in various color tones and designs.

LanyardsThe most cost effective printing method for this product would probably be hot stamping wherein a design is printed into a piece of parchment and is later stamped into the product through heat. Another method for printing is call screen printing. This method provides high quality prints that are very suitable for retail sale. However, the best quality of printing would have to be achieved through a process called dye sublimation. In this case, the materials used in the product are dyed with the colors of the design making it more durable. Also, both sides of the product will be imprinted with the design.

It is highly likely for the use of this product to grow even bigger in the coming years. This is because of the fact that it can also be a very useful method of advertising. See more upgraded information and get advertising solutions about lanyards by visiting wholesalelanyards.Using this product will familiarize consumers of a particular company’s identity through its logo. Expect to see more upgrades to this product in the future.

How to Choose Custom Lanyards for Every Occasion

Lanyards are incredibly useful items. For example, you can use them to display your identification card. This eliminates the need for you to go through your bag, hence saving you time and energy. If you are running late for class or work, this can truly be a life saver.

Lanyards are also better than clip-on badges in the sense that they are not easily misplaced or stolen. You can pass through crowds without worrying that your identification card or keycard might fall off since lanyards are worn around the neck.

You can even use your lanyard to hold your mobile phone, USB stick, pen, keys, or water bottle. So if you are carrying a lot of things, your lanyard can especially be helpful. In addition, lanyards are safer to use. Unlike some clip-on badges that use safety pins, lanyards will not prick your skin.

Other than for personal use, lanyards are also ideal for businesses and organizations. Custom lanyards actually make great giveaways or promotional items. However, when choosing a lanyard, you must not forget certain factors.
Custom lanyardFor instance, what type of lanyard do you want? What material do you prefer to be used for your lanyards? Do you intend the lanyards to be used by men or women? How long do you plan to use the lanyards? Do you have any safety requirements?

If you intend to use your custom lanyards for business promotion or brand recall, you need to make sure that they contain vital details about your business. You need to include the name and logo of your business, and optional contact information.

There are basically three ways on how you can get your design and text printed on your custom lanyards: silkscreen printing, weaving, and dye sublimation. Silkscreen printing is the most common method. It is best for simple logos and texts.

If you want your design to last for a long time, you can also have it woven into the lanyard. Then again, if you want your business logo to be detailed, you should probably go with dye sublimation. This method produces long lasting and high quality results.

On the other hand, if the lanyards are meant to be used by office or hospital staff, they should contain safety features. These lanyards should be able to hold identification cards securely, as well as have a breakaway feature to protect the user.

If you are running an organization, you can give custom lanyards to your members. Wearing personalized lanyards can make your organization seem more exclusive and your members more privileged. You can also sell lanyards that have a different design to non-members to raise funds for your organization.

Anyway, if you want to wear a lanyard just to improve your sense of style, you may do so. You can choose from fashion lanyards with different designs and materials, such as leather and beads. You can also choose from styles specifically made for men or women.

You can also choose from braided varieties. In general, braided lanyards come in flat and round designs. These lanyards are ideal if they are expected to be worn for a long time. Despite their low cost, they are durable and hard to break or unravel.

If you want something more high end, you should go for woven lanyards. These lanyards are highly durable and can be worn every day. They can remain intact despite being washed in a washing machine. They are also wide, making them ideal for displaying pre-printed logos and texts.

Most lanyards are made with polyester material, but you can have yours made with bamboo fiber and other environmentally friendly materials. There are custom lanyards made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET, which is a biodegradable material commonly used for water bottles.