While it’s widely known that golf bags come in different kinds mainly to match the needs and playing styles of the golfer, it isn’t enough to know about the pros and cons of each variant. To help you make the right choice, here are some details on essential features that you should consider:

•Straps and handles

Golf bagsIn choosing among straps and handles for your bags, you should think about your playing style. If you prefer walking or you walk the course regularly, a double-strap bag with a handle would be the perfect choice for you. Double straps promote even weight distribution across your shoulders, preventing strains and shoulder pain. However, if you don’t usually walk the course, a single-strap golf club will do. Since for most part you’d be handling your bag with the handles and straps, make sure that the straps function appropriately in a manner you prefer.


Golf bags are usually equipped with pockets that would fit your need. You can find bags with one or two, or sometimes over a dozen, pockets. You must decide first as to what you are going to bring in the course aside from the regular must-haves. If you need jackets or windbreakers in case the weather would become unfavourable, consider a bag with an apparel pocket. If you’re going to bring your phone, wallet, or other valuables, you may look for a bag with a valuable pocket. Valuable pockets are usually lined with velour or other soft fabric. Do you often bring beverages with you to stay hydrated in the course? Some bags are equipped with beverage sleeves or holsters. Some even have insulated cooler pockets that could keep drinks refreshingly cold.


Bags usually come with dividers (up to fourteen). Dividers, as the term implies, divide the top opening of bags, producing compartments for each club in a set. Shafts of golf clubs aren’t usually separated inside the bag because dividers mostly don’t extend the entire length except in some high end bags. It is further advised that when choosing a bag with more dividers, your grip size must be put into consideration. Midsize o jumbo grips may stick on the sides of the divider, making it hard to remove from the bag.

•Putter Well

It is a special golf bag compartment designed to prevent your putter from damaging the shaft of other clubs and at the same time, protects your putter’s head from damage. If you have a larger putter grip, it is advised that you use a putter well bag.

•Towel Loop/Ring

Clips, ring or perhaps loops most commonly function as external towel holders. Their main purpose is to keep the towel accessible at all times, making it easy to wipe off dirt or debris from your clubs before returning them in your bag.

•Umbrella Holder

This feature essentially enables you to take out your umbrella in a fast and convenient manner, so you wouldn’t have to worry about sudden drizzles. You don’t want to be soaking in the course. After all, being soaking wet could very well ruin your poise (you’ll look bad as you run for cover when it rains).

•Rain Hood

Not all bags are designed with a rain hood. Rain hoods come in handy when it rains. These also protect your clubs, extra tees, and jackets from getting wet. They also maintain the integrity of the bag itself, as wetness can promote the breakdown of fabric.

As long as you pay attention to the most important things, you’ll soon have a bag that’s truly perfect for you. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay perfect regardless of what you do. It’s crucial that you take good care of it.

On Proper Maintenance

Golf bags are your partner in the course, so make sure that they’d last long. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your bag clean, shiny, and new:

1.A golf bag should be cleaned with a damp towel to remove all dirt, dust, and pollen from it. Dirt, if not addressed immediately, might stick onto your bag, leaving stains that are hard to remove.

2.Prevent mold growth. Molds prefer to grow in damp and dark areas like in the pockets of your bags. So, make sure that the pockets are often checked. Ensure that anything that gets wet is sufficiently cleaned and dried before being returned inside your bag.

3.Your bags should be placed in somewhere devoid of dust and pollen. When you won’t use your gear for a while, drape it with a plastic sheet or trash bag to prevent airborne particles like dust and pollen from covering it.


Golf bags are essential to every golfer. A bag allows you to carry all your golfing needs, including spare balls, tees, windbreakers, umbrellas, and even beverages, with ease. As the pros say, choosing the right type of golf bag is like picking a team mate. Simply put, having a team mate means you’ll have someone to depend on; however, you must also do your part to support him, making sure that he’ll be able to give you the help you need.

How to Choose Custom Lanyards for Every Occasion

Lanyards are incredibly useful items. For example, you can use them to display your identification card. This eliminates the need for you to go through your bag, hence saving you time and energy. If you are running late for class or work, this can truly be a life saver.

Lanyards are also better than clip-on badges in the sense that they are not easily misplaced or stolen. You can pass through crowds without worrying that your identification card or keycard might fall off since lanyards are worn around the neck.

You can even use your lanyard to hold your mobile phone, USB stick, pen, keys, or water bottle. So if you are carrying a lot of things, your lanyard can especially be helpful. In addition, lanyards are safer to use. Unlike some clip-on badges that use safety pins, lanyards will not prick your skin.

Other than for personal use, lanyards are also ideal for businesses and organizations. Custom lanyards actually make great giveaways or promotional items. However, when choosing a lanyard, you must not forget certain factors.

Custom lanyardsFor instance, what type of lanyard do you want? What material do you prefer to be used for your lanyards? Do you intend the lanyards to be used by men or women? How long do you plan to use the lanyards? Do you have any safety requirements?

If you intend to use your custom lanyards for business promotion or brand recall, you need to make sure that they contain vital details about your business. You need to include the name and logo of your business, and optional contact information.

There are basically three ways on how you can get your design and text printed on your custom lanyards: silkscreen printing, weaving, and dye sublimation. Silkscreen printing is the most common method. It is best for simple logos and texts.

If you want your design to last for a long time, you can also have it woven into the lanyard. Then again, if you want your business logo to be detailed, you should probably go with dye sublimation. This method produces long lasting and high quality results.

On the other hand, if the lanyards are meant to be used by office or hospital staff, they should contain safety features. These lanyards should be able to hold identification cards securely, as well as have a breakaway feature to protect the user.

If you are running an organization, you can give custom lanyards to your members. Wearing personalized lanyards can make your organization seem more exclusive and your members more privileged. You can also sell lanyards that have a different design to non-members to raise funds for your organization.

Anyway, if you want to wear a lanyard just to improve your sense of style, you may do so. You can choose from fashion lanyards with different designs and materials, such as leather and beads. You can also choose from styles specifically made for men or women.

You can also choose from braided varieties. In general, braided lanyards come in flat and round designs. These lanyards are ideal if they are expected to be worn for a long time. Despite their low cost, they are durable and hard to break or unravel.

If you want something more high end, you should go for woven lanyards. These lanyards are highly durable and can be worn every day. They can remain intact despite being washed in a washing machine. They are also wide, making them ideal for displaying pre-printed logos and texts.

Most lanyards are made with polyester material, but you can have yours made with bamboo fiber and other environmentally friendly materials. There are custom lanyards made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET, which is a biodegradable material commonly used for water bottles.

A Little Bit of Help in Buying Misting Fans

The market today is saturated with so many different misting fans that finding the right one can be difficult and a major challenge. Finding the right mist fan will take a lot of work and effort.

The search for a good mist fan can be difficult but it is a far from impossible. There are things that people can do in order to make their search a lot easier.

fanPeople need to educate themselves first before they even go out there to purchase a mist fan. There are so many different kinds of mist fan and each of them is sold at a different price. Buying a good mist fan is not as easy as walking into a store and picking the most expensive or cheapest model.

There are plenty of misting fans out there and coming across a good one might take a great deal of time and effort. However, the investment in time and effort will be worth it as it will avoid making a waste of the money spent in buying the mist fan.

A person can do a lot of things to make sure that they buy the best mist fan they can find. Below are a few measures that people can take in order for them to get the best mist fan.

Best is a relative term

The word best is a relative and not a definitive term. There are so many different kinds of mist fans out there. Some are big, others are small. Other mist fans are made out of metal and others are made out of plastic. So many different permutations of the things that people need to think about when they buy a mist fan.

The point here is that people need to first address why they need a mist fan. Misting fans come in plenty of shapes and sizes because each kind addresses certain kind of need. Buying a good mist fan means having to match those needs with what the mist fan can bring to the table.

Avoid being too price conscious

Misting_Fan_SystemsPrice is something all people pay to get what they need or want in life. It is the bread and butter of living in this world. It is for that very reason that a lot of people often forget to look at the value of what they are paying for.

There are just too many people who make the simple, but costly, mistake of looking at the price. People either get the cheapest one thinking it’s the best bargain, while there are those who get the most expensive misting fans thinking price is reflective of quality.

The simple way to get the best mist fan is to simply find how a particular model can address the needs. If a person plans to use it outdoors, then getting a mist fan built for outdoor use will be ideal. If a person wants a mist fan that will last them for a long time then going for a mist fan built out of metal would be the best course of action.

Failing to look at the warranty

mistMost mist fans have a good warranty. In fact, there are plenty of manufacturers out there who promise to provide their customers with a lifetime warranty.

Nevertheless, people should be wary of their mist fan’s warranty. People ought to look at the fine print since some unscrupulous companies that basically give false promises. Some mist fans make it painstakingly difficult if not outright impossible to make a claim on the warranty.

Keeping these things in mind will help people when they want to buy misting fans.